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What NOT to Do When Traveling

Most posts you see online and in travel blogs share all these great tips on what you need to do or what you should do in order to have a great vacation. Often times I have noticed that people should be aware of what not to do as much as what they should do.

Here are a few things that you should never do while traveling that will help insure you have a memorable vacation.
  • Never pack more than you can easily carry/ If you are taking a cruise, going on a business trip, going to only one destination, or attending a fashion event then ignore this post. However, if you are traveling to Hawaii or most anywhere in the world you will be amazed at how little you need to make a vacation wonderful. The rule in our house is to only take one roller board and one personal item. Yes, even my teenage daughter can survive nicely for 10 weeks traveling around the world with minimal outfits and shoes. What you should do is pack one or two swimsuits and clothes that are comfortable and can easily be washed. Remember, you aren’t out to impress people when you travel.
  • Don’t expect everything you see on TV or in Movies. Movies have a tendency to glamorize everything slightly more than reality. When you land in Hawaii you will not be greeted with a lei unless you have paid for the service or have a friend waiting to surprise you. While Hawaii is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, it is also home to a million people and parts are no more spectacular than your neighborhood. What you should do is be open to new and different experiences and travel with a willingness to accept that which is reality.
  • Don’t count your pennies when dollars matter. Everyone travels with a budget. Some people simply have larger budgets than other people. However, wherever you are on the continuum of a travel budget make decisions based on your needs, wants, and personal desires. A simple way to evaluate your travel time is to look at your hourly wage and then consider what you are willing to trade off for the amount of time you spend. For instance, people often go to presentations for timeshares in order to receive a free dinner or a free show ticket. How much is that presentation really costing you time wise. (Your hourly wage + Companions hourly wage) x hours spent = your cost Here is how this looks for two travelers making $15 an hour when working. $15 + $15 x 2 hours = $60. My guess is that those free tickets which cost you $60 of your precious vacation time could be purchased for less while leaving you those two hours on the beach, seeing the sights, or doing nothing. Remember, it is your vacation.
  • Don’t share too much online while you are gone. We hear this all the time about the dangers of posting too much on social media. While you will want to share and boast your photos and experiences of you in Hawaii or on vacation, think twice. How many of your friends on Facebook are more than acquaintances? Posting too much information is almost like giving everyone knowledge of your absence and ability to break-in to your home while you are thousands of miles away.Post all those great pictures when you get home. The photos and memories are just as impressive a week or two later than when it is happening.
  • Don’t open your trunk in a parking lot and then leave your car. The rule is that you should never carry valuables in your car when you are doing activities like the beach, a hike, or out shopping. However, the realities of travel often mean that you can’t leave your luggage locked up at a hotel, the airport, or at a storage unit while you are exploring. Make it a point to not open your trunk before leaving it unattended. There is no reason to let observers see what you have in your trunk before you head of for sunshine at the beach.Stop at a parking lot before you get to your destination and make sure that the only ‘stuff’ in the car is what you are going to take with you. Put anything you don’t want or need in the trunk. Then, when you get to your destination simply park and head off. Don’t leave anything in the car that can be seen by people passing by. There is no guarantee, but this process will help limit your odds of being robbed while you are exploring.
  • Don’t eat at chains when traveling. There are numerous wonderful restaurants that are local and have a local flare that there is no need to visit the popular chain restaurant that you can visit when you are back home. Years ago it was difficult to find local places unless you were carrying a travel book such as Fodors, AAA, or Michelin. Today, there is no excuse for not trying local flavors and experiencing local dives.
  • Don’t flaunt your jewelry and valuables. Keep your expensive jewelry at home in a safe. Flaunting valuables while traveling is never wise as it only draws unwanted attention.
  • Don’t expect it to be like home. You are on vacation and the world offers many wonderful experiences that you will not have at home. You may encounter slow service, unusual customs, or unusual things that won’t be the same as in your community. When you think about it, isn’t the reason you decided to travel because you wanted to experience more than you experience at home?
  • Don’t expect the trip to go flawlessly. Something will go wrong when you travel. You can expect flight delays, cancelations, and crowded planes. You will misplace a phone, forget a credit card, have car issues, or find your flights were incorrectly booked. When something goes wrong on vacation you have two choices: 1) Get upset and let it bother you or 2) go with the flow and make the best of the situation. If a connection goes wrong and you end up stuck in a city longer than you expected make it an adventure and not a stressor. You can use the extra time to read, write, or explore. If you get stuck in San Francisco for more hours than you planned grab a taxi and head down town or to see the bridge. Unexpected delays can be hidden gems of memories waiting to happen if you simply grab the moment and make it special.

Traveling is one of the best adventures life offers. Don’t worry about too much about dos and don’ts once you start your journey. You are on vacation - get out and explore and create memories that will last forever.

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Practicing Gratitude During the Holidays

by Cynthia Revesz / Spiritual Coach, Emma Spencer Living, http://cynthiarevesz.com/

During the holiday season, which can be a difficult time for many people, we all can benefit from a daily gratitude practice. Holiday triggers—such as being without family; not having festive functions to attend; dealing with family drama; indulging in too many boozy, diet-busting parties; worrying over finances; or feeling burdened by added responsibilities—can easily cause you to feel overwhelmed, rushed, sad, lonely, or depressed. Practicing gratitude can help you transcend the holiday madness by strengthening your connection and giving you a positive direction.

The practice of gratitude strengthens your conscious connection to the Energy of Creation and all of its manifestations. The Intelligence that created the Universe flows through you, me, and through every living thing. Each breath is a gift. When you observe how much you are given and benefit from others, you are reminded that are not alone. Responding to what you are receiving with the energy of appreciation deepens your relationship with God and strengthens your social connections.

Daily gratitude practice also sets your mind in a positive direction. Where attention goes, energy flows. Positive thoughts raise your energy. Thinking negative thoughts lowers your vibration. Choosing each day to focus on the good and celebrate it up-levels the good. When you’re flowing with the bright positive energy of gratitude, you radiate joy and become a magnet for more good.

May your spirit soar with gratitude this holiday season and beyond.

Omaha! Omaha!

by Wes Hitchcock
Performance Coach, Emma Spencer Living http://www.A2BPerformance.com

Much was made on sports talk radio about the 44 times Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos used “Omaha!” as a verbal cue before certain plays in their playoff game against the San Diego Chargers. In the NFL channel’s analysis Tuesday night, former QB and now TV contributor Kurt Warner was jokingly asked why Peyton Manning used “Omaha” as a play call, versus other US cities. Kurt remarked that Broncos Head coach John Fox had probably started using the name at the beginning of his career, and head football coaches are “creatures of habit.” Whether you want to admit it or not, habits rule our lives, for better or for worse. At this point in life, you can probably brush your teeth, take a shower, and even drive your car to work without much thought, as your preprogrammed habits take over.

What does this have to do with an exotic vacation at an Emma Spencer property? A vacation is actually a great place to try out a new habit! It’s a controlled environment – you set your schedule, you have the opportunity to determine what you spend your time on, and you control what distracts you. According to William James, considered by some to be the “Father of American psychology”, one of five keys to establishing a successful habit is that “every opportunity must be seized to act on the new habit we wish to create.” Looking to get outside your comfort zone? Feeling the winter blues? Set your goals for 2014 and consider using a vacation to afford you the opportunity to seize the opportunity to act on your new habit!